3 Design Trends You’ll Want for 2019

by Ali Arain

Our co-founder (and resident interior designer) picks the top trends for the year that you can start integrating into your home design right now. Inspired to try them out? You can shop his curation online or come visit us in-store in Williamsburg at 240 Kent Avenue.


Trend #1: Art Deco Embellishment

Inspired by the iconic geometry of the 20th century design movement, these pieces have strong lines that work with a surprising variety of interiors. A perennial BEAM team favorite, we’re thrilled to see so many designers embracing the look and materials associated with the period. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with furniture, accessories bring a touch of the look into any interior with ease.

Shop our selection of Art Deco products below: 

Beam Insert Side Table

Black Brass Card Stands

Black Brass Card Stands, $65 each

Wallace Chair, $1,595


Trend #2: Tremendous Terrazzo

Consider terrazzo, with its signature chunky speckled surface, the “it” material for the year. Thanks to the ‘80s-era Memphis Revival of the past few years, this material has stepped up in relevance in interior design. If you aren’t up for a full floor of it, add it in with cheeky accessories.

Shop our selection of Terrazzo products below:


Terrazzo Bamboo Cups, $9  + Plates, $9 

Terrazzo Mirror, $159.95


Cast Iron Hooks/Knobs, $19/$25

Cosmic Yuzu Soap, $14

Terrazzo Trays, $79/$159


Trend #3: Velvet Everything

Velvet exudes luxurious, sensual appeal with its soft tactile surface. We’ve already seen it make a huge resurgence in fashion this winter, with velvet tuxedos turning up on well-dressed men and romantic gowns sweeping onto the red carpet. Go bold with a sofa in rich jewel tones or just add a pop with a richly textured pillow. This is an easy one to incorporate into practically any décor style, as well.

Shop our selection of Velvet products below:

Nexus 2 Pc Sofa, $2,190


Blossom Pillow, $120

Aubrey Sofa, $2,199

Amazon Pillow, $120

Adelaide Sofa, $1,999