What’s Hygge (And Why You Should Care About It!)

by Ali Arain

You know that blissful feeling when you wake up on a freezing cold Monday morning knowing that you can stay in your wonderful cozy bed and not go to work? That feeling of just loving your bed more than anything? Welcome to the wonderful world of hygge, the Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness that make you feel content, warm and special. It’s no wonder it’s has become a bit of a design-lovers' catch phrase. What does it mean for your home? It’s about creating a cozy and comfortable environment so you can appreciate the special touches and small moments that bring you joy.

What do you need to hygge? Well, that’s totally up to you. After all, it’s about what makes your home into a space that makes you feel utterly content (and while the weather outside is frightful, into the warmest cocoon you can imagine). For us, it’s about warm throw blankets, lush textural pillows, uniquely fragrant candles and special accessories you won’t find any everyone else’s space. But it’s not about clutter—keep it simple and streamlined so each item does truly resonate with you.

A few of our favorites that evoke hygge for us below, and shop our entire curated assortment of cozy pieces here.


Simple Knit Throw

Simple Knit Oversized Throw, $295

Comfy Armchair, $4,700

Chug Mugs, $39

Enfold Wool Blanket, $99

Corduroy Pillows, $79

Koto Candle, $49