• Backdrop Paint - McQueen
  • Backdrop Paint - McQueen
  • Backdrop Paint - McQueen

Backdrop Paint - McQueen


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Inky black with a hint of purple. This color’s mood changes depending on the light, allowing it to be modest and arrogant at the same time. This is where the fun begins. Backdrop has created a line of premium paints designed to look amazing on your walls. Backdrop's premium acrylic paint is expertly made with the highest-quality pigments and resins. It's thick, vibrant, rich in color, and has impeccable coverage.


  • Available in 1/2 or 1 Gallon cans
  • High durability, low odor, low VOC, Green Wise certified, applies easily, washable
  • Water-based paint that is low-sheen (semi-matte with 6% sheen). Made with an acrylic resin for maximum durability and optimized for self-priming, easy application, ultra-low odor, high pigmentation, quick drying times, and superior coverage.
  • Dry time: 60 minutes to touch, 3-4 hours to recoat
  • Finishes include:
    • Standard - semi-matte with 6% sheen
    • Semi-Gloss - 30% sheen
  • For up-to-date information regarding lead times please contact hello@beambk.com