Spring Bowl - More Colors

Studio Arhoj

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The Spring Bowl, Studio Arhoj's biggest bowl yet, is hand-thrown in various stoneware clays and dipped in a wide range of natural, rustic and earthy glazes. The large bowl holds a heaping serving of your favorite soup, pasta, ramen, salad or rice dish. A wide and heavy foot keeps the bowl standing straight and your food in the bowl.

*Please note: Each hand made Studio Arhoj piece is a unique version of what is represented in the photos shown here. We cannot accommodate requests for photos of specific colors. Color will be chosen at random.


  • 35.5 oz
  • 6.8"Dia x 3.5"H 
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing suggested.
  • Photos are only indicative. Each item is 100% handmade and items will differ slightly