Bola Disc Multi-Light Canopy - 2 Colors

Designed by Pablo
Regular price $200.00

Bola’s elegant reflective disc and globe design can be suspended in a variety of custom arrangements in both round and linear configurations. With Bola Multi-Light, up to 9 lamps can be grouped together in a variety of mixed disc sizes to form stunning luminaire displays. Both size and shape of the grouping is controlled by lamp quantity and positioning relative to the Multi-Light canopy. Swag mounts are provided to extend the lights out into space along with an ample cord length of 10’ to offer a wide array of unique solutions.

*Please note: this item is for the canopies only. Bola Disc lamps can be purchased here.

  • Small:  9"Diameter x 2"D (Can hold up to 6 lamps)
  • Large:  12"Diameter x 2"D (Can hold 7-12 lamps)
  • Steel 
  • Customizable hanging arrangements
  • Please note: in stock items take approximately 5-10 business days for delivery
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