The Organization Edit

by Moran Smithwick

New year, new you? It’s time to get organized with functional design.

Here are our top four ideas on how to do that.

1. Creative Compartments

Storage pieces with dedicated compartment space help you make sure that everything has a home. Compartmentalized pieces can be used to either showcase or tuck away your items, but either way, they reduce the cluttered look. Whether it's a sculptural wall hanging, a decorative bowl, or a colorful cabinet, your home will feel tidy AND inspiring.  

The iconic 1967 Complonibili Side Table by Kartell is a stackable storage solution that can serve many uses - a side table, a bathroom organizer, or a living room storage unit. Thanks to the timeless and modular nature of this piece, the Complonibili has been used in homes for over 50 years. Choose from 10+ colors and 3 different styles. 

The Miniature Funkis House Shelf by Ferm Living is designed with children in mind. The perfect piece to store tiny treasures and toys.


2. Pieces With Purpose

Keeping things organized and clutter-free can sometimes mean finding the right piece for your space. Some small spaces don't have enough closet space and entryways can be challenging. Spend the time to find the right piece for the space you have and the purpose you have in mind. 

The new Juliet Entry Table is a classic take on the all-in-one. Including an oval-shaped mirror, brass trays, and marble shelves, this structure is classic, elegant, and extremely functional. This table is the perfect entryway piece, equipped with a place for all your essentials, but also extremely suitable as a unique high-top vanity! 

The Pujo Collection by Ferm Living solves an organization problem for many spaces by introducing artful silhouettes that create more room for your coats, bags, and clothes. Their simple nature makes them convenient for any interior style, and their design is undeniably a geometric statement piece.


3. Hiding Places

Sometimes having all your items on display is not the solution, so cabinetry with drawers and doors can help. If you have lots of small items out in plain view, your space can feel cluttered and overwhelming because the eye has no place to rest.  And even true maximalists employ closed storage creatively to hide the things we all need but don’t contribute to the design, putting greater emphasis on their special collections and treasured items. 

The cane and mango wood Caprice Narrow Cabinet is a tasteful two-toned or monochromatic piece that can store your clothing, fine china, or serve as an entryway cabinet. The Caprice Collection also includes a sideboard, a bar cabinet, and several other spacious storage solutions. 

The Sill Cupboard by Ferm Living offers a lean and slim storage solution. The name Sill stems from the French sillon, meaning carved grooves, which adorn the doors of the Sill Cupboard. The top of the cupboard features raised edges alongside three sides, giving you an extra surface for additional storage or as a display for your favorite items. Use the tall cupboard in the kid’s room, the hallway, the bedroom, or for office storage – the shelves inside are tall enough to fit notebooks and ring binders.


4. Multifunctional Furnishings

For those of us that like options, storage pieces that are convertible or modular allow you to make adjustments depending on the seasons, evolving trends, special occasions, or even your mood.   

The popular Plant Box by Ferm Living is MUCH more than just a plant box. With over 25 different organizers, dividers, trays, containers, and pots, this series of metal storage elements can transform this box into a bookcase, room divider, console table, plant stand, or kitchen organizer. The box comes in many styles as well, with over 20 variations of color, shape, and style. See the entire collection HERE.

Designed by Gus* Modern, the Branch Shelving System blends mid-century style and modularity to give you an infinite number of storage options. The design options vary from bookshelves, workspaces, wardrobes, and entryway units. With add-ons like mirrors, hooks, desks, trays, and rails, you can create your own storage unit specific for your space. Added bonus...straightforward installation means you can spend more time perfecting your vision and display. 

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