Naturbloq Pot 11 Mari Masot - BEAM // Design Store
Naturbloq Pot 11 Mari Masot - BEAM // Design Store

Naturbloq Pot 11

Designed by Mari Masot
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A two-part plant pot belonging the “Bloq” series from Mari Masot. The top and base are interchangeable with other pieces in this series. Mari Masot two-part plant pots are thrown from a sandy-textured, high grog stoneware that remains slightly porous after firing.  This makes them perfect for plants, as the roots can breathe easier. They’re particularly good for cactus and succulents, who like to dry out completely between waterings. If you use your two-part plant pot for more moisture-loving plants, the surface of your pot could develop a patina - which has its own very organic beauty, but is something to keep in mind.

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  • 4.3-4.7"Diameter x 6.3-6.7"H
  • Unglazed Catalan stoneware
  • Spot clean with a soft to medium bristle brush
  • All pieces in the Bloq collection are wheel thrown in small batches. For this reason, pieces will vary slightly and show signs of their handmade nature.
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