Concha Wall Hooks Silver

Designed by AYTM
Regular price $45.00

Art deco continues to be an important source of inspiration in interior design, which can truly be said about the Concha hooks. Simple in shape, but the mix of sizes, shine and texture, makes it possible for you to create a truly unique and artistic look.    

The intention of the AYTM collection is to inspire people to be more daring through a more expressive approach to Nordic design.  The collection has been created with focus on contrasts of materials and surfaces.  The idiom is simple, and the colors are balanced and soft.  The collection focuses on high quality and exquisite details for an exclusive feeling.

  • Small:  6.3"W x 6"H x 1.7"D
  • Large:  9.4"W x 9.2"H x 1.7"D
  • 100% zamak
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