Shapes Bamboo Salad Plate Set of 4

Designed by Poketo
Regular price $40.00

These Bamboo Salad Plates are made from certified organic bamboo fiber and cornstarch. Durable with a smooth, modern look, they are great alternatives to styrofoam plates and can be used over and over for your favorite moments of the day, whether that be a casual picnic, family meal, or professional plate twirling. (They won't break.)

  • 7.85" Diameter
  • Bamboo fiber, cornstarch, food grade ink
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not submerge or soak in water. Do not dry flat.
  • Do not microwave
  • Non-toxic and compostable
  • Set of 4
  • Slight color variations are a natural by-product of the bamboo fiber
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